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Mertcan Uzun is Talent Acquisition Manager at DCMN and is in charge of full-cycle recruitment processes, detailed searches for potential candidates. His main focus is on the IT & Product Department. However, he is also partly responsible for employer branding and social media strategies for DCMN's employer social platforms such as LinkedIn. His favorite task among these, however, is the People Analytics, such as the conceptualization and the analysis of the employee survey.

Usually Mertcan does the interviewing. Now let's switch sides and have a job interview with Mertcan instead! 


Personnel.ly: Why are you the perfect candidate for the job as a Personnel Talent Acquisition Manager? 

Mertcan Uzun: I believe I am an all-rounder with good communication skills. I know what the stakeholders need in the company, and I know what the job-seekers want and expect. I can bridge them perfectly, while being honest and providing a perfect demand and supply cycle. I am a matchmaker. But my job doesn't end there, I also take part in the learning and development of successful hires, and never leave them alone after they have been hired.

What does corporate culture mean to you, and how is it implemented?

Corporate Culture is comparable to the bone structure of a human body. Some parts might be far apart, or not even related, but they are all connected, and in a company it is the corporate culture that binds and brings all the different parts together and makes everything functional and meaningful.

What do you think HR will look like in 2025?  

I am sceptical that we will even use the term 'Human Resources'. I really don't like that expression. I hope in 2025 we won't be seeing humans as a 'resource', but as added value to the big picture.The world will definitely be a bit more technological and will loose some of its personal touch. I hope it won't be too sad though. 😊


Mertcan Uzun
Talent Acquisition Specialist

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