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Babbel Learning & Development
Feb 18. 2019

Why improving foreign language skills is a popular corporate benefit

Providing your employees with language training is not only a great employee benefit, it also helps your organization be more successful. How?

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Learning & Development
Jan 03. 2019

6 New Year’s Aspirations for L&D Teams

While designing programs, products and services for our teams, let’s not forget the true meaning of what the “human” in Human ...

author: Aleksandra Polyudova & Nina Haber

New Work Learning & Development
Nov 15. 2018

Why E-Learning Is Essential for Future Company Success

Sven Sommer is COO of

author: Lilly Miner

Babbel New Work Learning & Development Blended Learning Language Learning
Okt 15. 2018

How Your Company Can Benefit from E-learning

Today, companies need their employees’ knowledge to be up-to-date. Without lifelong learning, it’s impossible to stay on top of the challenges of the digital era. And ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Learning & Development
Sep 27. 2018

Disrupting Corporate Learning: From Top-down HR to Individual Employee Responsibility

Nina Haber is an in-house trainer at Babbel, working on a new culture of continuing education for employees. In this article, she explains ...

author: Nina Haber

Babbel New Work Learning & Development Blended Learning Language Learning
Aug 30. 2018

Teaching Swedish at Babbel, with Babbel

Elin, originally from Sweden, is the project manager for Swedish in Babbel’s Didactics team – the language experts who create and optimize our lessons. As a passionate ...

author: Elin Asklöv

New Work Learning & Development
Aug 02. 2018

HR at Babbel – School is out, but learning isn’t

Back to school?! Employees often attend training courses within their own company — usually because they have to, not because they want to. The HR department sets ...

author: Annika Keilen

New Work Learning & Development Blended Learning
Jul 19. 2018

Personnel Development in the Digital Age: 8 reasons for digitalizing personnel development

In Germany in particular, digitalization is still a difficult and highly debated topic, while in countries like China, digitalization is taken for granted and integrated into ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Learning & Development Guides Blended Learning
Jul 05. 2018

How your company can benefit from Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a didactic concept that combines face-to-face teaching and online learning. Practiced correctly, Blended Learning combines the best of both worlds: ...

author: Carla Pieper