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New Work New Leadership
Dez 20. 2018

„Career branding begins when you walk in the door.”

Let's rethink HR with Hilary Klassen, co-founder of The Secret HR Society

author: Annika Keilen

New Work New Leadership
Dez 13. 2018

Why “Paying Your Dues” Is An Outdated Work Model

Common experiences often unite people, and in professional contexts, they can strengthen teams by making it easier to relate to one ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work New Leadership
Dez 06. 2018

Positive Feedback Isn’t Just A Courtesy – It’s Crucial to Building Successful Workplaces

After months of google searches, resume rebuilding and endless interviews, Jane*, a recent graduate, landed a job as a front-end engineer for a ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work New Leadership
Nov 29. 2018

Cracking The Code of Team Leadership in Collaborative Work Environments

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Working collaboratively is becoming increasingly ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work New Leadership
Nov 22. 2018

Unpacking The Science Behind Remote Team Management

You might be familiar with the complex, multifaceted network that allows us to instantaneously share information with one another. ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work Learning & Development
Nov 15. 2018

Why E-Learning Is Essential for Future Company Success

Sven Sommer is ...

author: Lilly Miner

New Work Culture Events
Nov 08. 2018

Stranger Talks: Babbel Invites You to a Diversity Meetup

On occasion of the first anniversary of Stranger ...

author: Lilly Miner

New Work Culture
Okt 25. 2018

Generational Clashes: How To Banish Ageism From The Workplace

If cookie-cutter career plans were a viable solution for every working professional, more of us ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

Babbel New Work Learning & Development Blended Learning Language Learning
Okt 15. 2018

How Your Company Can Benefit from E-learning

Today, companies need their employees’ knowledge to be up-to-date. Without lifelong learning, it’s impossible to stay on top of the ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work New Leadership
Okt 04. 2018

Sidetracked? 3 ways leaders can effectively limit distraction at work

Imagine this scenario: You’ve been painstakingly ...

author: Cassondra Dolan