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New Work New Leadership
Aug 09. 2018

What leaders can do for followers under conditions of uncertainty?

Uncertainty is increasingly becoming a regular element of today’s working life. As companies adjust to the changing economic situation, customer expectations, ...

author: Konstantin Korotov (ESMT)

New Work Learning & Development
Aug 02. 2018

HR at Babbel – School is out, but learning isn’t

Back to school?! Employees often attend training courses within their own company — usually because they have to, not because they want to. The HR department sets ...

author: Annika Keilen

New Work Culture
Jul 26. 2018

Tolerating Failure: A Key to Creating Sustainable Business

Best-in-class companies galvanise their workforces to serve a larger purpose – creating a better world. They empower employees by providing leadership support and ...

author: CB Bhattacharya (European Business Review)

New Work Learning & Development Blended Learning
Jul 19. 2018

Personnel Development in the Digital Age: 8 reasons for digitalizing personnel development

In Germany in particular, digitalization is still a difficult and highly debated topic, while in countries like China, digitalization is taken for granted and integrated into ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work New Leadership Guides
Jul 12. 2018

Bye Bye Bonuses: 10 tips for motivating your employees

A sense of responsibility, communication skills and passion: these are three qualities that every company wants to see in its employees. But employees aren’t always ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Learning & Development Guides Blended Learning
Jul 05. 2018

How your company can benefit from Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a didactic concept that combines face-to-face teaching and online learning. Practiced correctly, Blended Learning combines the best of both worlds: ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work New Leadership
Jun 12. 2018

Leading through ecosystems

What you can learn from landscape architects and start-ups? Lonesome fighting was yesterday. If you want to be successful leading your company today, you need a ...

author: Tobias Leipprand (CEO of LEAD)

New Work New Leadership
Mai 22. 2018

Lead like a DJ

5 tips you can directly apply as a leader Today, people at the workplace are looking for ...

author: Tobias Leipprand (CEO of LEAD)