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New Work New Leadership
Apr 04. 2019

Holacracy at Babbel: “Self-Management wasn’t the issue. We were.”

A conversation with Susanne and Arne about Babbel’s failed experiment in holacracy — and why both of them would still try it ...

author: Annika Keilen

New Work Culture New Leadership
Mär 07. 2019

Home Away from HQ: A Day at Babbel's Satellite Office

I’m waiting between a popcorn machine and a fruit bowl when a young woman named Simone greets me: “Welcome to the coworking space!” Since late ...

author: Susanne Wechsler

Case Studies
Mär 06. 2019

Scout24 – Promoting diversity with Babbel

With their digital marketplaces ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24 – market leaders in Germany and across Europe – Scout24 serves as a guide for ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Culture New Leadership
Feb 28. 2019

Employer Branding on a Budget

The foundation of every successful business is a motivated, qualified workforce. At the ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work Culture
Feb 21. 2019

Innovation Through Meditation: 5 Tips for Mindful Companies

Backin 2015, researchers in studies ...

author: Carla Pieper

Babbel Learning & Development
Feb 18. 2019

Why improving foreign language skills is a popular corporate benefit

Providing your employees with language training is not only a great employee benefit, it also helps your organization be more successful. ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Work New Leadership
Feb 14. 2019

Are Your Employee’s Work Habits Working Against Them?

Do you often feel like you’ve got too much on your plate? Maybe that list of “things to do today” waiting on your desk feels like it’s ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work Culture Events
Feb 07. 2019

Our Top 5 International HR Events 2019

Many interesting HR events await you in 2019. From networking opportunities to large exhibitions, here are our top 5 HR happenings this ...

author: Lilly Miner

New Work Culture
Jan 24. 2019

Peer Mentoring: The Best Untapped Sources of Knowledge Are Often Right Beside You

You might be great at your job, but let’s face it – there’s always room for improvement. However, learning new things at ...

author: Cassondra Dolan

New Work Culture
Jan 17. 2019

Does Company Culture Matter?

Carol’s first job was at a fast food restaurant drive-thru at the age of 14. The opportunity to earn money for the first time filled her with ...

author: Cassondra Dolan