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Guides New Work New Leadership
Jul 12. 2018

Bye Bye Bonuses: 10 tips for motivating your employees

A sense of responsibility, communication skills and passion: these are three qualities that every company wants to see in its employees. ...

author: Carla Pieper

Guides New Work Blended Learning Learning & Development
Jul 05. 2018

How your company can benefit from Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a didactic concept that combines face-to-face teaching and online learning. Practiced correctly, Blended Learning ...

author: Carla Pieper

New Leadership New Work
Jun 12. 2018

Leading through ecosystems

What you can learn from landscape architects and start-ups? Lonesome fighting was yesterday. If you want to be successful leading ...

author: Tobias Leipprand (CEO of LEAD)

New Leadership New Work
Mai 22. 2018

Lead like a DJ

5 tips you can directly apply as a leader Today, people at ...

author: Tobias Leipprand (CEO of LEAD)

Mai 10. 2018

About us

Thinking ahead and thinking in new ways: these are our visions for the HR sector.

author: Carla Pieper

Case Studies
Apr 02. 2018

Case Study – How does Babbel help Students at the ESMT?

ESMT Berlin ESMT Berlin is a leading international management school founded by 25 German companies and associations ...

author: Carla Pieper